Basketball Experience Model & Mapping

Hands-on Research, User Testing, Illustration

Alongside my three group members, Gina Yost, Erica Gramm and Alyssa Dill, I dove into researching a sport that I knew little about in order to create a detailed model that could explain the entire game to an English speaker who knows nothing about the sport. Research included meeting with the basketball coach on campus, interviewing basketball players, trying out the game ourselves, watching professional games and more. The end model was tested on real users and adjusted according to their feedback. I presented the process, results and learnings of this project at the World Information Architecture Day in Philadelphia in February, 2016.

Final Product

Early Flow Charts

Testing & User Feedback

Graphic & Illustrative Design

Lancaster Central Market Spreads
Design for Social Equity: Goodville
Smashing Magazine Calendar
Vaster Digital Magazine

User Experience

Millersville University Website Usability Testing
Basketball Experience Model & Mapping

Interactive & Motion Design

Whoopie Pie Festival Website Redesign
Processed Foods Motion Graphic